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Can I customize my tool belt system?

Yes! The Diamondback® System provides more comfort, support, and options for customization than any other product on the market. Create your own setup using any combination of belts, pouches, and other accessories. Check out our system components

What are the belt sizes?


Do NOT just use your normal pant size. While wearing summer clothes, use a tape measure to measure your waist around your belly button. Then, use the sizing guide to determine your Diamondback® belt size.

Please note, the Cavetto Belt is sized differently from our other belts. Get Cavetto sizing here.

WaistBelt Size27″ — 30″Extra Small (XS)31″ – 34″Small (S)35″ – 38″Medium (M)39″ – 42″Large (L)43″ – 46″Extra Large (XL)47″ – 50″Double Extra Large (XXL)51″ – 54″Triple Extra Large (XXXL)55″ +Call for custom sizing

Which bags come with the hammer holster?

TheHammer Holsteris not included with any individual pouch, but it can be purchased separately and attached to any pouch. We supply all necessary hardware.

How do I attach my pouches?

Attaching pouches is pretty darn easy. Watch our Attaching Pouches video.

What are my color options?

All pouches come in black and ranger green.  Accessories may only be available in one color.

Can I get a left-handed set?

Yes, we can accommodate lefties

All Diamondback® pouches are available in both right-side and left-side pouch positions. Our Complete Systems are right-handed by default, but you can easily construct a left-handed system by choosing individual components in the opposite configuration.

Can I request changes to your existing products?

Diamondback products are designed to be customized using a wide range of accessories and add-ons. 

Customizing your system is easy

  • Pick your belt
  • Pick your pouches
  • Choose your accessories
Are Diamondback® products compatible with other brands?

Diamondback® pouches, belts and suspenders can work with other brands.  Our pouches will fit on any belt up to 3″, and other pouches will fit on our belts.  However, there are added benefits of combining Diamondback® products. For instance, the connection between our belts and pouches locks the pouches in place and prevents them from sliding during use.

There are slight differences in my pouches. Why?

Diamondback® pouches, belts and accessories are hand-sewn by actual living, breathing humans. Because of this there are slight variations to every pouch. There are instances where we have difficulty sourcing some secondary materials used on the pouches. In those cases we will substitute an equally durable material. This will cause a slight aesthetic difference but will never affect the longevity or functionality of the pouch.

I do everything from Framing to Finish work. What system should I buy?

Since your work is versatile, the items you carry for framing are not the same as the items you carry for for finishing. You may want larger pouches for fasteners while you are framing, but prefer a smaller setup while finishing. That is why Diamondback® has a wide range of add-ons and accessories, so you can have a modular tool belt system that adapts to your current job. We recommend choosing the pouches you need for your essential tools first. You can then select a tool belt and complete your system.

I am a carpenter, what system do you recommend?

All of our carpenter clients are different. We suggest you visit our Solutions by Trade tab and select your carpentry type. 

Here is a quick guide:


For framers who want to carry everything, all the time, we suggest the Denali 2.0 complete system. This system has tons of individual tool storage and pockets for fasteners.

Installation, Cabinetry, General Carpentry, Light Framing, Remodeling: 

If you carry a number of different hand tools, bits and punches, but want a slim setup with high mobility we suggest looking at the Artisan or the Maestro complete systems.

Finish Carpentry, Interior, Trim Carpentry, DIY: 

Sometimes you don’t need to carry a lot, but what you do carry you want organized and easily accessible. We suggest the Maestro complete system for those types of jobs. The Maestro does not have a slot for a full 7” Speed Square. If you need storage for a 7” Square you can switch out the Clavo pouch for an Eagle.

I do electrical work, what system is best for me?

We find that our electricians prefer the Niko or the Mini Niko pouches. No two electricians are the same, but the Nikos are designed specifically with electricians in mind. Visit our YouTube page to see how some other electricians have customized their belt with a Niko.

I do concrete form work and build large structures like Pole Barns, what system is best for me?

Concrete work requires you to carry a lot of large fasteners and some larger, odd shaped tools. For this type of work we suggest the GRRande complete system. Our Bolt Bag is also a great accessory. Check out this YouTube video about the GRRande featuring the man who helped us design it!


Do you have a guarantee?

We back our products with a 5-year guarantee on workmanship.

What do I do if I want to add to/change my order?

For your security, we do not keep credit card numbers on file so we cannot add any items to your existing order. You can place a second order for any items you may have forgotten. If you would like to change your order we recommend cancelling your original order and placing a new one. You can cancel your order by emailing Orders cannot be cancelled after they have already been shipped.

How long does it take to get my bags?

Due to extremely high volume of sales, for in-stock items, your order will typically ships within 3-5 business days (weekends do not count as business days).

You will receive an automated order confirmation email upon purchase and a follow-up shipping/tracking email when the order ships.

Where do you ship?

We ship products worldwide. Just place your order and we’ll get it there.

However, if you live outside of the US and want to avoid paying additional import duties, order through one of our authorized dealers.

I ordered from one of your authorized dealers. Do you know when they will have my stuff?

Diamondback® has a number of authorized dealers located domestically and internationally. Individual dealers have different policies and protocols for how they handle orders and shipments. If you want to know more about your order status from a dealer, you must contact that dealer.

Do you do pre-orders? Can I pre-order a product you have in development?

We do not take pre-orders on products. Diamondback® products are designed with the help of crowdsourcing on social media. Our users get to experience our ideas go from pipedreams to reality. Just because we have a prototype, doesn’t mean we have a release date yet. The release date could be months in the future…or even a year. Release dates are also often delayed due to production issues. We don’t want to have your money and keep you waiting. We will release all products as soon as we have them ready for production. You can order them when they are available.

Can I return or exchange products to Diamondback® if I purchased them through an authorized dealer?

No. Only items purchased directly from the Diamondback® website can be returned or exchanged through Diamondback. Authorized dealers are separate entities, therefore each dealer has their own policies for returns and exchanges. When you purchase from an authorized dealer you agree to adhere directly to the dealer’s return and exchange policies.


How do I break in my pouches?

Wash your new pouch with soap and cold water and, while still wet, stuff the pockets full of…stuff (beer cans, duct tap rolls, peanut cans, you get it). Let the pouch air dry, un-stuff it, and voila!

Watch the How to Break In Your Pouches video

My belt slips throughout the course of the day. Help!

We hear you and have already provided you with a solution. On your belt there is a black slider ring on the webbing part of the belt that goes across your front. If you rethread the additional loose webbing through that slider ring it will lock your belt sizing in place.

Can I wash my pouches?

Yes. Wash pouches in cold water and air dry to keep them looking their best (and help speed the break-in time). Detergent can be used.

Watch the How to Wash Your Diamondback® Products video 



We are honored that you want to take time out of your day to promote Diamondback!

The best way to help us is to talk up our products to other people in the trades when you are on your jobsite, in your local hardware store or on social media. We love to see pictures of your Diamondback® and you wearing Diamondback® on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us in your posts. Feel free to post a video review on YouTube as well.

If you want to do more…purchase a few Diamondback® Sticker Paks and Pencils and give them to people you know, or purchase a hat or shirt from here and wear them everywhere you go. Check out our SWAG!

Does Diamondback® give a Military/Veterans Discount?

Yes. Send an email to us that includes a picture/copy of a document or ID that shows proof of your service and we will send you a discount code for 5% off any purchase in our online store. This only applies to sales directly through our website.

Are your products vegan?

Yes. No animals were killed or harmed in the making of our products.

Why should I buy Diamondback® over other leading tool belt brands?

In short, you should choose a Diamondback® for its durability and ergonomic design. We are committed to creating a product that not only allows you to comfortably carry the tools and fasteners you need, but also increases your organization. We design our products with ergonomics in mind so our belts, suspenders and vests work well with your body and allow you to stay comfortable throughout the day. Whether you are a carpenter, framer, rod bender, plumber, electrician, installer or do finish work, Diamondback® has a combination of products that will increase your productivity and relieve the strain on your body. Find out more here:

Are Diamondback® products as durable as leather?

We get the Leather Tool Belt vs. Nylon question a lot. Diamondback® pouches are made with two or three layers of 1000D Military-Grade Nylon. This grade of nylon has an abrasion resistance equal to, or greater than leather in scientific field tests. Diamondback® pouches have been known to last for over 15 years. If, by chance, the outer layer of nylon begins to fray or wear away over time, there are still one or two more layers of nylon there to keep your pouches fully functional! Click here to see the actual stress testing of leather and nylon used in tool belts.

“The customizable design means an apprentice could start small and add to the rig as he or she gains experience and skill.”
— Mike Stribling