The Flat Bar Holster allows you to carry up to three flat bars, safely protecting your surroundings from damaging scratches or drops. The new design angles the holster upward, keeping your flat bars secure in the holster even if you are bending over.

Attachment: Behind your pouch on your non-dominant side


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Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 1

Height (inches): 9.5

Weight (pounds): 0.25

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mikie G
great idea

love having easier and quicker access to my flat bar an paw , all around great set up !

Great bar holder location

This flat bar holster goes so well with the pouch. Great way to keep the bar out of the way but also be able to grab very it quickly. I haven't even used it for flat bars yet, but I do always carry a cat's paw on me. Its extremely fast to pull out the bar and hammer and pry something off, and equally as fast to holster both back in place. I have an old-school 18" pry bar that believe it or not fits in there too as the holster is open on bottom. I couldn't be happier with this

Jose Ortiz-navarro

Good stuff !

Dan Disney
Flat bar holster

Added the flat bar holster to my non dominant side bag. Holds a pry bar well, must more efficient than just throwing it in my pouch. Easy to add or remove, depending on which job I'm performing. Great, simple add on.

Patrick Lane

As expected this thing is awesome, hold 3 bars in individual slots.