With twICEme in your equipment, safety info is made available to people around you by the tap of a smartphone in the event of an emergency.

twICEme is a technology based on NFC that allows you to upload safety information to your equipment via the twlCEme app. twlCEme gives instant access to uploaded safety information, letting first responders and people around you to take correct action faster in case of an emergency.

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701 Vest

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At Diamondback, your safety is our priority. We've partnered with twICEme to integrate their innovative technology into our game-changing designs. This isn’t big brother monitoring you every moment of the day (your smartphone is already doing that). With twICEme you choose what information you want to make available.

How it Works

  • The twlCEme device is integrated into equipment.
  • Manage safety information with thetwlCEme app.
  • Products with twlCEme integrated locally store safety information such as medical info, ICE contacts, personal identifiers, insurance info and give you access to exact coordinates.
twiceme android app linktwiceme android app link
twiceme android app link