The 405 Lo-Rider is the perfect solution for hip or rear carry of your best friend. It replaces the “clinker” metal holder that rattles the nerves and scratches finished surfaces.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System


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Width (inches): 3.25

Depth (inches): 2.5

Height (inches): 5.5

Weight (pounds): 0.15

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Derek Kelley
Hammer loop

It’s pretty ideal for different framing scenarios. I like being flexible and able to relocate hammer or hammer tacker as needed while on scaffold or ladders. It gives me the ability to work comfotably in many different work scenarios . You can also hang your pistol on it

Alexander Baez
Good but could be improved

I liked the lo rider hammer loop my only complaint is that it catches to easily on the hammer itself creating a snag on pull out. It might be improved with a less gripping material on the inside of loop itself for different hammer handle material. Almost too frustrating to use with anything other than a wood handle.

Ning Liu
Lo-rider hammer loop

Hammer, nail gun, all good

Great product

This is the 3rd loop I’ve ordered from DB. O am slowly adapting all my gear to the DB products. Love the modular setup. I do wish this loop had a clip option to do a quick belt mount attachment, but the Velcro & taking an extra minute is probably the wise move.

Mike Owens
Added this to my Denali set

Best product on the market hands down.