Pouch Color
Pouch Configuration

Configuration: Niko (Right), Eagle (Left), Hammer Holster, 4″ Diamondback Belt

Great For: Electricians

6 pockets, 19 slots, 4 loops

For years we’ve been asked about an Electrician tool belt system that you could grab and go. But we didn’t want to design a rig for Sparkies until we thought we could get it just right. We now feel like we’ve finally gotten there. Introducing The Spark. The Spark comes from months of intensive research from our customers. The Niko has a 4 slot bit index, a driver clip webbing strip, electrical tape strap, and is flatbar/hammer holster compatible. The Eagle Pouch on the non-dominant side has the storage capacity and organization for auxiliary tools, fasteners and ties.

  • 4 slot bit index
  • driver clip webbing strip
  • electrical tape strap
  • flatbar compatible. 


  • 30 day risk free returns
  • Free return/exchange shipping in US
  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers


Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 3.55

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Branden Fosgate
Exceeds expectations.

Not going to lie, I was extremely apprehensive in this purchase. I'm a small business Electrical Contractor, still work with the tools daily. I did plenty of research, and your product was higher cost than 90% of the competition. I took the plunge and ordered the system with the knowledge you guys would refund the purchase if I didn't like it. The belt and bags get here and I immediately like the quality and the look. I like the assembly, the quality and heavy duty build. I did switch out the Niko for the mini Niko but otherwise I like the product, I like the company and it's beliefs. I know these bags will be with me for awhile, so that part also excites me. Thanks for a great product

David Hendershot
Toolbelt system

Best toolbelt system I’ve ever worn been doing this for 17 years. Great job guys.

Kolton A
Amazing Tool Belt

Been wearing the Sparky system for the last month and love them. Comfy and sturdy belt and suspenders keep me going all day.

Arturo Garcia

Spark Toolbelt System


Absolutely love the belt, way way way better than a certain red brands electritions belt. I also ordered 2 db sax's and there are great aswrll but found them wayyyy bigger than expected, went to order 2 of the mini sax but too small of an order to ship to Australia:(