Use magnets to hold small tools or just a few fasteners when you need them handy. Our Universal Magnet Clip includes a strong rare earth magnet that can be clipped anywhere with a steel belt clip.


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Width (inches): 9.5

Depth (inches): 0.5

Height (inches): 3

Weight (pounds): 0.1

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Magnet clip

I really recommend this magnet very usefull

Raul Sabino

Great way to store your bits for the day

Matthew Nava
Weak magnet

Not very impressed with the pull force of the magnet. I actually clip this above my speed square on the loki pouch just to physically block my square from sliding out. Once in a blue moon, I’ll actually use the magnet to free my hand for a moment but objects do tend to fall off if left unattended. On a side note - the magnet included on the loki pouch is equally underwhelming, although I do love the loki overall.

John Recznik
Great addition

Small things can make all the difference. This magnet clip works great. For the longest time I would always put medal bits, nails or screws in my pouches only have to dig for it 5 minutes later. I knew this would solve that problem and it did.

It eliminated the problem and makes it much faster and easier to keep track of that one drill bit or couple screws when need. Great product from a great company 👍

Great quick stash option

I keep this on my vest high lapel area. It's great for stashing driver bits that I'm using frequently, and for random nails and such I find on the job site. It's a super strong magnet.