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2 pockets, 3 slots

The Clavo is the non-dominant side of our Maestro System. We designed this as a partner to the Mazo Pouch with the same great team. While it is our smallest fastener pouch, it includes an internal divider sized for finish strip nails, a rare earth magnet for fasteners or bits, pockets form marking tools and chisels as well as an outside pocket for fasteners or a tape.

What Fits: Strip Fasteners, Small Loose Fasteners, Bits, Punches, Chisel, Markers

Great For: Trim Carpenters, Installers

Attachment: Hook and Loop System


5 Year



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Width (inches): 9

Depth (inches): 3

Height (inches): 13

Weight (pounds): 0.7

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pouch compatible with non-Diamondback belts?
Yes, Diamondback pouches are compatible with all belts available on the market
Does this pouch clip on or does it use hook and loop ?
All of our pouches use the hook and loop system (except the Bossman).
Is this pouch comptible with a hammer holster and flat bar holster?
Yes it is compatible with hammer holster and flat bar holster.
What is the difference between left and right hand configuration?
The left is a mirror opposite of the right configuration. We recommend you order a left configuration if you want the pouch on the left side and a right configuration if you want the pouch on the right side.
  • Integrated Rare Earth Magnet
  • Padded Main Pocket Divider
  • Webbing Attachment Point/Bit Clip
  • Hammer/Flat Bar Holster can be attached

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Ares
Best diamondback pouch

My favorite pouch. Small in size but can carry a ton of things and easily customizable with attachments

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Jeremy Allen
Design good, material not so much

I ordered a clavo and side by side with a new belt. The design and features are perfect, except I noticed that compared to all my other diamond back gear they did away with a few pencil slots(that I used for nail sets and specialty markers) and the material used to make the bags is significantly lighter duty than diamond back stuff I’ve purchased before

Kevin Cheung


Great compact fastener pouch

At first I was a little surprised by how tight and stiff the pouch was but after breaking it in everything fits great. For a small pouch, it holds everything I need and even holds a 7” speed square comfortably. Combined with a couple utility sheaths this pouch holds everything I want on my non dominant side and sits tight against my hip. The Clavo and Mazo are by far the best pouches for working in finished spaces. Compact, no metal poking out, and holds everything I need.

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Clavo Pouch
Clavo Pouch
Eagle Pouch
Eagle Pouch
Wrangell 2.0 Pouch
Wrangell 2.0 Pouch
Mazo Pouch
Mazo Pouch
Pouch Type Compact
Height x Width x Depth 13 x 9 x 3 (in.)
Weight (LBs) 0.7
Total Pockets 2
Internal Slots 0
External Slots 3
Tool Loops 0
Hammer Holster Compatible
Flat Bar Holster Compatible
Tape Pocket No
7" Square Slot Yes
Mini Square Slot Yes
Bit Index No
Integrated Magnets 1
Attachment Points 0