The 405 Lo-Rider is the perfect solution for hip or rear carry of your best friend. It replaces the “clinker” metal holder that rattles the nerves and scratches finished surfaces.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System


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Width (inches): 3.25

Depth (inches): 2.5

Height (inches): 5.5

Weight (pounds): 0.15

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alexander Baez
Good but could be improved

I liked the lo rider hammer loop my only complaint is that it catches to easily on the hammer itself creating a snag on pull out. It might be improved with a less gripping material on the inside of loop itself for different hammer handle material. Almost too frustrating to use with anything other than a wood handle.

Ning Liu
Lo-rider hammer loop

Hammer, nail gun, all good

Great product

This is the 3rd loop I’ve ordered from DB. O am slowly adapting all my gear to the DB products. Love the modular setup. I do wish this loop had a clip option to do a quick belt mount attachment, but the Velcro & taking an extra minute is probably the wise move.

Mike Owens
Added this to my Denali set

Best product on the market hands down.

Greg Bublitz
better than I thought it would be

I didn't have high expectations for the hammer loop as I thought it would be difficult to slide the hammer in without looking as I had be used to with a metal swinging style. I am really surprised at how effortless it is to slide in. I don't even think about it, just works.

Now, the hammer sling thing that attaches directly to the underside/backside of pouch you can keep. Do not like it at all. Too bulky behind a loaded poach and creates pressure on the thigh. Only really good use now is to slide a flat bar in when I occasionally need it.