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Tempo Belt, Miter (dominant), Eagle (non-dominant), Hammer Holster (dominant)

Created for the tradesperson who demands precision, the Artisan '24 Carpenter tool belt has undergone a transformation with the all-new Tempo Belt. The Tempo offers support, comfort, and modularity never seen before in a tool belt.

The dominant side features the Miter Pouch with six essential tool slots and a 7-slot Drill Bit/Tool Index for smaller pieces. On the non-dominant side, the Eagle Pouch provides ample storage and organization for auxiliary tools, fasteners, and ties. The Artisan comes standard with Hammer Holster.

Elevate your craftsmanship with the Artisan '24 featuring the advanced Tempo Belt, delivering the same functionality you cherish with added support for an unparalleled work experience.

  • 7-slot Drill bit/tool index
  • Speed Square slots
  • Hammer Loop
  • Hammer Holster


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Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 3.8

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the size of the Tempo Belt the same as other Diamondback tool belts?
No. The Tempo Belt is sized differently than our other belts. Please follow the size guide found here.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with my Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes! All Diamondback pouches and accessories are compatible with the Tempo Belt.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with non-Diamondback pouches?
The Tempo Belt is only compatible with pouches equipped with hook and loop attachment. It is also compatible with clip-on pouches and accessories. Slide-on pouches are NOT compatible.
What is the best way to clean the Tempo Belt?
Place the Tempo in a wash bag and wash it in a washing machine. Use cold water and detergent. Hang dry. Do NOT place in dryer.
Can I attach a tail pouch or accessories to the back of the Tempo?
Yes. There is a pass-through on the BAC pad for pouches. There are also segmented webbing slots for attaching clip-on accessories.

Customer Reviews

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I am very happy with my tempo, eagle and miter pouch

Kevin Cheung


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Artisan '24 Belt System
Artisan '24 Belt System
Denali '24 Belt System
Denali '24 Belt System
Dawson '24 Belt System
Dawson '24 Belt System
GRRande '24 Belt System
GRRande '24 Belt System
Pouch Type Slim
Weight (LBs) 3.8
Total Pockets 6
Internal Slots 6 + Divider
External Slots 7
Tool Loops 5
Hammer Holster Yes
Flat Bar Holster No
Tape Pocket Yes
7" Square Slot Yes
Mini Square Slot Yes
Bit Index Yes
Integrated Magnets 0
Attachment Points 10