Experience the ultimate blend of innovation and comfort with the all-new Tempo Toolbelt from Diamondback. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, the Tempo Toolbelt provides unparalleled support and versatility for craftspeople of all trades. Whether you're framing, decking, or tackling intricate finish work, the Tempo Toolbelt has you covered.

  • BAC™ System allows for adjustable contour
  • Integrated 3-Point or 4-Point Suspender Loops
  • DiamondGrip™ Minimizes Belt Slippage
  • Minimal Break-In Time


5 Year



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Width (inches): See size guide

Depth (inches): See size guide

Height (inches): See size guide

Weight (pounds): 1.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the size of the Tempo Belt the same as other Diamondback tool belts?
No. The Tempo Belt is sized differently than our other belts. Please follow the size guide found here.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with my Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes! All Diamondback pouches and accessories are compatible with the Tempo Belt.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with non-Diamondback pouches?
The Tempo Belt is only compatible with pouches equipped with hook and loop attachment. It is also compatible with clip-on pouches and accessories. Slide-on pouches are NOT compatible.
What is the best way to clean the Tempo Belt?
Place the Tempo in a wash bag and wash it in a washing machine. Use cold water and detergent. Hang dry. Do NOT place in dryer.
Can I attach a tail pouch or accessories to the back of the Tempo?
Yes. There is a pass-through on the BAC pad for pouches. There are also segmented webbing slots for attaching clip-on accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Danil Tarnovskiy
Tempo belt

The Diamondback Tool Tempo Belt has been a game-changer for my work in construction. Its durability and ergonomic design make long hours on the job much more comfortable. The ample storage pockets keep everything organized and easily accessible, while the adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. Overall, it’s a reliable and indispensable piece of gear for anyone in the trades.


I imagine this belt was created when a high end tactical battle belt and a pair of Gucci loafers made sweet, sweet love.
All superlatives and creative analogies aside, this belt has solved the only negative aspect of my Artisan nail bags, which was the 4” belt, or more specifically the belts inability to find purchase on my slim torso. I got no beer belly, not hips, and no ass really, to speak of. I was going to get the 6” belt, but it was never in stock in my size, (32”). That turned out to be a blessing because the Tempo Belt is exactly what I needed. It has far exceeded my wildest dreams of how a tool belt could fit and function. oh yeah, that new buckle?! 🤯! It’s got action like a well loved for 1911. No exaggeration, this belt is sure to add a handfull of highly productive, pain-free years to a career that I love and I couldn’t be more grateful to the awesome folks at DimondBack. Absolutely amazing work! You guys Rock!

Brady F
Tempo tool belt

I’ve hade every belt Diamondback best one by far for comfort

Lane Lebengood
Set the tempo

Set the belt up however you like and it feels like nothing. The buckle is fantastic, no cetching or failing to buckle all the way. Top notch

Frank Hopkins
It’s an improvement

The belt is better for adjustability my wife and I both have one but it still rubs my hip bones even when adjusted all the way up they need some kind of pad for that for thin people