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4 Pockets, 10 Slots, 1 Loop

The Elias 2.0 is the dominant side pouch of The Denali 2.0. It has the most tool slots and dividers of any of our pouches. It has a top pocket for tape, chaulk or small fasteners plus a large main pocket with 6 tool slots and two cascading pockets - the first has an internal divider and the second has a hook and loop cover that can be tucked away when not in use. There is also a drill/driver attachment at the front and a hammer loop in the back. Choose this pouch when you want to carry it all, but stay organized at the same time.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Lots of Hand Tools, Drivers/Drills, Cell Phone, Bits, Chaulk or Tape, Pencils, Punches

Great For: Framers. Remodelers


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Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 6

Height (inches): 18

Weight (pounds): 1.7

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pouch compatible with non-Diamondback belts?
Yes, Diamondback pouches are compatible with all belts available on the market
Does this pouch clip on or does it use hook and loop ?
All of our pouches use the hook and loop system (except the Bossman).
Is this pouch comptible with a hammer holster and flat bar holster?
Yes it is compatible with hammer holster and flat bar holster.
What is the difference between left and right hand configuration?
The left is a mirror opposite of the right configuration. We recommend you order a left configuration if you want the pouch on the left side and a right configuration if you want the pouch on the right side.
  • Hammer Loop
  • External Webbing Attachment Point
  • 7-Slot Tool/Bit Index
  • Covered Outer Pocket
  • Pocket Divider
  • Hammer/Flat Bar Holster can be attached

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Look no further people

Thank you diamondback I've had many tool belts over my career none fit as well and moved with me as well as these do. Although there are a lot of other big pouches on the market none are as well organized as diamondback. Thanks again diamondback I look forward to your products in the future.


The Elias is my favorite dominant side pouch out of the three I have (Mule, miter and Elias). Gives me the bit and tool storage I need to get just about everything done. It’s sleek and lightweight even while carrying a good amount of stuff.

Brian Sexton
Diamondback fan for life

I built my own version of the Denali set. Wrangell 2.0 and Elias pouches on a 6" belt with hammer holsters on both sides and a gun loop on the back. I put a DB Sax on the front for trash and junk I find on the job site, then I can unclip the Sax and dump it into the dumpster when convenient. I'll probably end up getting a Mini Sax at some point so I can keep my chalk like on the back side of the belt next to the gun loop. My primary work is rough framing in log homes and post frame, some residential work here and there. This belt holds everything I need to carry, and I hardly feel the weight because it's all held tight against my body. I absolutely love this setup, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Mikal Chobotar
Great Left handed pouch

Lots of storage pockets for tools and fasteners. A very light tough pouch with sleek deep pockets that hold a lot of nails and doesn’t sit a mile wide you you can still fit thought tight spaces. There is a lot of bit holders sewn into one of the pockets and the top pocket is big enough to comfortably access your tape measure. 10/10 great pouch. The hammer sleeve is worth purchasing too. I’m very impressed with my pouch.

Finally Organized

I purchased the Eagle and Elias Pouches and have to say I have never felt so organized. There's a spot for everything i could ever need. Definitely worth the price!

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Elias 2.0 Pouch
Elias 2.0 Pouch
Eagle Pouch
Eagle Pouch
Wrangell 2.0 Pouch
Wrangell 2.0 Pouch
Mazo Pouch
Mazo Pouch
Pouch Type Standard
Height x Width x Depth 18 x 3 x 6 (in.)
Weight (LBs) 1.7
Total Pockets 4
Internal Slots 6
External Slots 4
Tool Loops 1
Hammer Holster Compatible
Flat Bar Holster Compatible
Tape Pocket Yes
7" Square Slot No
Mini Square Slot Yes
Bit Index Yes
Integrated Magnets 0
Attachment Points 1