@_KSparky • team diamondback

Kevin Martinez

San Diego, California • United states


What do you find most enjoyable about working in the trades? 

The most enjoyable thing about working in the trades is the feeling of accomplishment you get as you build something with you hands from scratch and watch it turn into a finished product. Also, inspiring other people to join the trades, teaching those starting up and watching them learn and improve in their craft as you once did.  

What do think is the biggest misconception about working in the trades? 

The biggest misconception about working in the trades is the idea society creates as sometimes describing the trades as extremely hard labor and even sometimes a step back for those who seeking to get into it. The trades do have hard days, such as anything else, but it can also be a step up as people become masters to their crafts and create a life long career of something they grow a passion for and can also pay very well.  

What attracted you to Diamondback? 

I am a hard believer that there is a specific tool for a specific task, helping you improve your quality and production in your craft. When I saw Diamond back I knew it was a company I wanted to be a part off. They have innovated the tool belt industry by going far and beyond from your typical standard belts and pouches to giving you options from your body weight to the task you are performing by giving you many set ups to choose from. If that wasn’tenough they also make it extremely easy to change your set up when needed by providing strong and easy to remove pouches also many accessories clip pouches to choose from.  

What is your favorite DB product and why? 

My favorite DB product has to be the 701 Vest. The 701 vest distributes the weight extremely well by hugging your body and removing any extra weight from your back or shoulders. Light, breathable, and you can organize it as you wish with many different options to choose from, truly an amazing product. 

Favorite comfort food? 

As someone living in SoCal, I gotta go with my Mexican Food! Sea food, Tacos or Chilaquiles Verdes for a Sunday morning.