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Stephenville, Texas • United States
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What do you find most enjoyable about working in the trades? 

I love that no day is the same. Every day brings new tasks and new challenges. As a problem solver I love it!

What do think is the biggest misconception about working in the trades? 

It’s a last option job for dumb people! Haha, ask a regular person to calculate the load of a specific dimension of lumber or calculate the pitch  of a roof and make 100 cuts the exact same within 1/16th error.

What attracted you to Diamondback? 

It's crafted for the tradesman by the tradesman. Diamondback talks with the people actually in the triads day in and day out, and then they go and solve all the problems we have with tons of options and accessories. And that's not even getting into the durability and comfortability of the system. I could talk for hours about what attracted me to Diamondback.

What is your favorite DB product and why? 

The DB SAX hands down. I use them almost everyday. I have my Work DB SAX and my home DB SAX. I use them for fishing, the gun range, drinks, snacks, weed wacker string, they work great for horseback riding and bringing things with you. It’s a great product for any outing or job.

Favorite comfort food? 

Mexican food, ether a huge burrito or some tacos, oh and some chips and queso.