Pouch Color
Dominant Hand


Tempo Belt Mule (dominant), Ox (non-dominant), Hammer Holster (dominant)

Maintaining the open pockets, generously sized tool organization slots, bit index, and modular attachment points that users love, the GRRande ‘24 now comes with the game-changing design of the Tempo Belt. This upgrade provides added support, comfort, and modularity, making it a must-have for those tackling substantial projects with oversized fasteners.

Experience the evolution of excellence in tool belts – the GRRande '24 with Tempo Diamondback Tool Belt combines the features you love with advanced support and expanded customization options. Upgrade today and elevate your tool-carrying experience to the next level.

  • 5 Pockets
  • 13 Tool Slots
  • Easy-Release Tape Holster
  • Speed Square Slot
  • Trim Square Slot
  • Hammer Holster Included
  • 4-slot Driver Bit Index
  • 2 Webbing Attachment Points


5 Year



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Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 3.65

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the size of the Tempo Belt the same as other Diamondback tool belts?
No. The Tempo Belt is sized differently than our other belts. Please follow the size guide found here.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with my Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes! All Diamondback pouches and accessories are compatible with the Tempo Belt.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with non-Diamondback pouches?
The Tempo Belt is only compatible with pouches equipped with hook and loop attachment. It is also compatible with clip-on pouches and accessories. Slide-on pouches are NOT compatible.
What is the best way to clean the Tempo Belt?
Place the Tempo in a wash bag and wash it in a washing machine. Use cold water and detergent. Hang dry. Do NOT place in dryer.
Can I attach a tail pouch or accessories to the back of the Tempo?
Yes. There is a pass-through on the BAC pad for pouches. There are also segmented webbing slots for attaching clip-on accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Alex haymon

As a builder of pole barns, these bags and belt are well suited to this trade. Plenty of pockets for all tools to have a place with lots of room left over for more fasteners than necessary.

Everything stays where it belongs, I haven't managed to drop any tools in them yet, hammer holster is the most comfortable way to carry a hammer, has me considering either another or the flat bar holster.

The belt is padded and adjustable enough that it is comfortable for me and probably you as well. Also a little bit grippy helping it stay where it belongs. Overall really happy with the whole system. Probably around 1.5lbs lighter than comparable leather options. Comfortable and quality enough the cost is justifiable for something worn every work day.

Goatt Koch
It’s not easy giving a perfect score

I’ve been using Occidental bags for most of the two plus decades I’ve been building, and when they finally gave up their spirit, I decided to explore Diamondback to replace them (nothing wrong with them, just decided to try something new). That journey covered about two months, where I researched and explored every bag, belt, and vest option Diamondback offer. I ultimately picked the Grannde system because I spend a good deal of my labor hours framing, and wanted a rig that was versatile and heavy duty, and gave me the needed room in my pouches for the large hardware and rack of nails that are called upon daily. I also waited so that I could pair the pouches with the new tempo belt.

While I underestimated my belt size, and as a consequence had to return and exchange it for the correct size (Diamondback has been incredibly supportive and timely, and my new belt should arrive tomorrow), I installed the new pouches onto my old belt.

The old belt sucks, but the balance of weight between the mule and ox was still very noticeable (I can’t wait to put them on the new tempo).

The pouches, while larger than other Diamondback options, are still slim, which means traveling through tight spaces with them has been a breeze. The tool storage in the mule is outstanding, and it only took a morning to learn where I put everything, and I can find tools easily…easier than my previous bags.

The hammer holster, paired with the cat’s paw holster means both are readily accessible, and as a consequence, I feel like a capable gun-slinger now!

I dare say I enjoy being a builder more with these bags. I keep a lot in them, so they are heavy to hold in my hand, but even on a less than desirable belt, the weight feels much lighter on my hips, even after 8+ hours wearing them.

Friday is going to be a great day, because I get to test drive the tempo belt onsite with the pouches. I did wear the smaller belt, which was maxed out in length, and have already sensed how much work the belt does to keep the bags in place, but I didn’t wear The belt to work because I knew I was going to exchange it for the right size. But damn: it’s about time someone thought out a system with the builder in mind. Bravo!

Kevin Cheung

Very roomy great set up

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Pouch Type Open
Weight (LBs) 3.65
Total Pockets 6
Internal Slots 7
External Slots 6
Tool Loops 2
Hammer Holster Yes
Flat Bar Holster No
Tape Pocket Yes
7" Square Slot Yes
Mini Square Slot Yes
Bit Index Yes
Integrated Magnets 0
Attachment Points 12