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Width (inches): 4.75

Depth (inches): 0.5

Height (inches): 6.5

Weight (pounds): 0.2

Customer Reviews

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In the past couple months I’ve purchased my fist products from Diamondback. I moved in from contracting 8 years ago and at the time had been looking to purchase Diamondback pouches. This year I started a major remodel of my house and decided it was finally time. I have overall been very impressed. I purchased Eagle and Talon Pouches that I put on my old leather belt, keeping my hammer holster and tape measure pouch the same. The pouches were top notch from the second I put my hands on them so when I got the email for the summer sale I bought a couple dbsax and the mag closure. The dbsax are also great and I’m on the fence about the closure but think I will come around to it. To be fair the closure is also great quality and I am iffy only because of the way that I am used to using my pouches, but will definitely use it part time if not full. I’d be happy to send pics of the setup. Or give a more detailed review if you’d like. Without a doubt the best pouches I’ve ever worn. I am already eyeing the flat bar holster and hammer holster. And will likely continue on through some of the storage solutions as well. Lmk if you want to hear more. Thanks

Sean Foley

Magnetic Top Pocket Closure-DISCONTINUED

Thanks for the review!!