Wrangell 2.0


  • 4 pockets, 6 slots, 3 loops
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  • Black, Right Hand Side
  • Black, Left Hand Side
  • Ranger Green, Left Hand Side
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  • Ranger Green, Right Hand Side
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The Wrangell 2.0 improves upon the extremely popular original Wrangell. We have incorporated feedback from hundreds of users to create an even better version. The Wrangell 2.0 feature more accessible, open pockets and resized inner tool slots to accommodate a variety of tools. The speed square slot has been recessed further into the pouch, creating a snug and secure place for that trusted tool. The tool loop on the side have been resized. One loop is sized smaller to better hold a cat’s paw securely, while the other is sized larger and will hold a large prybar or torpedo level. Check out this YouTube video for a closer look.


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