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Please note: There is currently a wait time of 2 weeks on all vest orders as we fix a manufacturing issue.

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The Diamondback 701 Vest is one of our hottest items! Created from the best features of Military vests, Fly Fishing vests, Cycling vests, and Hunting vests, the 701 is one of a kind.

The 701 is the lightest, most durable and adaptable construction tool belt vest on the market. A single layer of military-grade nylon mesh will stand up to any job site while keeping you cool and comfortable. We designed the 701 tool vest to provide coverage where you need it while maximizing breathability with open shoulders and under arms and a tapered back panel. Adjustable shoulder straps and a built-in waist belt will replace both your belt and suspenders to evenly distribute weight throughout your shoulders, waist and torso.

Attach any Diamondback pouch or accessory to the waist belt or torso attachment points. Two bands of heavy duty elastic at the top of the back provide shock absorption and access to safety harness connection points. The waist belt adjusts at the rear so there is no buckle to damage cabinets or other surfaces for trim carpenters and installers. The three adjustment straps under each arm allow our standard size to fit most users. There is a hanging strap at the top of the back for when you are ready to set your Vest aside at the end of the day.


  • Lightweight Military Grade Nylon Mesh
  • Integrated Tightening-Adjustable Belt
  • Shock Absorbing Elastic Back
  • 6 Front Modular Attachment Points
  • 6 Rib/Hip Tightening Adjustment Straps
  • Hook & Loop Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Storage Loop
  • Optional Lumbar/Shoulder Support Pads



Product Specifications

  • The M/L Vest fits waist/torso/chest size 32-44
  • XL fits waist/torso/chest size 42-52

Product Videos

Product Specifications

Weight: 1 lb 12 oz

701 Vest FAQ

What's the difference in width between shoulder straps from M/L to XL?

About 3 inches

How do you adjust the Vest?

Like this.

How should the Vest fit?

Give it a listen.

Does the Hammer Holster attach to the Vest?

No. Hammer Holster attaches to pouches. Pouches can attached to a vest.

If you want a hammer loop on your vest without pouches, you'll need the 405 or 406 hammer loop.

Is the 701 Vest fall protection compatible?

Yep. Feed your d-ring on the harness through the slot on the back.

Do you have vests in other colors?

Very soon. We will have gray and hi visibility yellow vests in Fall 2021.

Is the 701 Vest compatible with other Brands pouches?

Probably. Although we can guarantee it. We haven't spent time trying to "Frankenstein" other brand products onto ours.

Is the 701 Vest as strong as a leather?


All Diamondback products are made with 1000 Denier(a measure of thickness) Nylon. 1000D Nylon has an abrasion resistance(the ability to resist wear) and tear strength greater than leather. Watch us stress test Leather and 1000 D Nylon. 1000D nylon is so strong that it:

  • Was used in tires in World War II
  • Replaced leather in light combat boots for the US Army in the 1990s
  • Is used in high performance mountain climbing gear

Does the 701 Vest replace the belt base?

Yes. The 701 Vest has a belt built into it. No need to purchase a separate belt.

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