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Building the dream (team)

Diamondback® would like to thank the following individuals for working with us on the design, redesign, and testing of our products. Because of their input, we are able to release new and innovative designs to the public with unwavering confidence.

Aaron Thomas Aquinas

@aaronthomasaquinas – is the lead carpenter for Carpenter & MacNeille Architects and Builders out of Essex, MA, a former school teacher, a rafter-holic, but not a saint. He’s been a driving force in our product testing based on his extensive experience in all aspects of carpentry.

Adam Sperry

@completelycordless – is a commercial electrician based in Iowa. When we were designing the Niko we didn’t know who he was. He went out of his way to be engaged, through social media, while we were in the process of tweaking the design to get it right for people in his field. His input was invaluable.

Andy Moore

@modern_oak – is the owner of Modern Oak Construction in Forest, Virginia. He has been our biggest fan and has opened many doors for us. He also tests new products and is always happy to have us crash his job site for photos and videos.

Cameron Gilliam

@chgilliam-construction – is the brains behind the Diamondback’s Gun Loop and Apron, a perennial challenger in the Martinez Two Hammer Challenge, and an all-around great guy. He plies his trade in Louisburg, North Carolina with Terry Gilliam Builders Inc.

Kyle Stumpenhorst

@RRBuildings – is the namesake of the GRRande tool belt system, as well as the owner of Rural Renovators in Franklin Grove, Illinois. He specializes in pole barn construction and reviews tools on his Instagram and YouTube channels.

Kiefer Limeback

@toolaholic – is a contractor, tool reviewer, and media machine in Toronto, Ontario. He brings an encyclopedic knowledge of tools and accessories for Diamondback® product ideas, testing, and promotion.

Matt Panella

@mattbangswood – is young, driven and is a hell of a framer. He resides in sunny California. His dedication to educating the youth is unparalleled. His youtube page is full of amazing content and where he shares tactics, tips, tricks and strategies for becoming a successful framer.

Murray Kruger

@krugerconstruction – is a general contractor specializing in insurance repair and renovations in the Great White North of Saskatchewan, Canada. He’s a media machine who generates loads of great content for us.

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These guys are everywhere, it seems, and using social media to more than just megaphone, “Hey, we have a new product; hey, we have a new product.” The company is using it to inform itself on how to build belts and services that it thinks can help its customers—us.

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