@HollywoodDecks • team diamondback

Tony McKlem

Fernandina Beach, Florida • united states


What do you find most enjoyable about working in the trades? 

The most rewarding part of working in construction is seeing the final results. Its amazing how a clients idea and our passion can turn into a welcoming outdoor space to enjoy!

What do think is the biggest misconception about working in the trades? 

Many think the trades are too much work with little reward. We think there needs to be a consistent balance and with the right team, work can be just as much fun as personal time.

What attracted you to Diamondback? 

After using many different systems, Diamondback provided a lightweight and rugged option. We are able to carry everything we need and be more comfortable at the same time.

What is your favorite DB product and why? 

DB Saxs are our favorite simply because of their versatility. They are interchangeable and can hold tools, fasteners and material when you most need it at hand.

Favorite comfort food? 

My favorite comfort food are tacos. I can have them for breakfast, full meal or as a midnight snack and they’ll always make me feel just right.