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2 Pockets, 7 Tool Slots, 1 External Tool Loop
The Loki is our newest pouch. This little guy packs a big punch. The Loki is the smallest Diamondback pouch capable of holding a full size Speed Square. The new, angled corner design will keep items from getting stuck down in the corners of the pockets. The tool slots are generously sized for irregularly shaped or large hand tools. The Loki is designed for your dominant or non-dominant side. You may just want to get a matching pair!

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Speed Square, Strip Fasteners, Glue Bottles, Punches, Chisel, Markers

Great For: Trim Carpenters, Remodelers


5 Year



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Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 5

Height (inches): 12

Weight (pounds): 1.2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pouch compatible with non-Diamondback belts?
Yes, Diamondback pouches are compatible with all belts available on the market
Does this pouch clip on or does it use hook and loop ?
All of our pouches use the hook and loop system (except the Bossman).
Is this pouch comptible with a hammer holster and flat bar holster?
Yes it is compatible with hammer holster and flat bar holster.
What is the difference between left and right hand configuration?
The left is a mirror opposite of the right configuration. We recommend you order a left configuration if you want the pouch on the left side and a right configuration if you want the pouch on the right side.
  • Pocket Divider
  • Integrated Rare Earth Magnet
  • Bit Clip
  • External webbing Loop for attaching Accessories
  • Stiff webbing strip for hanging Tape Measure or Accessories
  • Hammer Holster/Flat Bar Holster Compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Slim Pouch

Quite the roomy pouch. Like the magnets and how wide the pockets are. Have it on my non dominant side with a flat bar holster paired with a flux pouch that has a hammer sleeve on a 701 vest.

Ross Brunkow
Great Pouch

Lots of slots, no complaints so far. Wanted a little more storage than the clavo. Definetly does that but not huge. Cabinet maker and dont want a huge set up

Kevin Cheung


Ray Platts
Neat little pouch

So far so good this pouch has been great, a nice change of pace from framing bags for smaller or less cumbersome tasks. Not a big fan of no tape pouch but easily solved with an add on pouch or clipping in on hip. Very stiff fabric that does break in with time but shows good durability.

Lance Carsillo
Underrated pouch

This pouch surprised me when it showed up. It has a very clever layout internally for tool slots. It's a decent size for multi use and has the ability to be both a fastener bag and a tool bag. I think two of these bags would make a fantastic commercial electrical kit for most guys who don't want to carry the kitchen sink but need more than pocket tools. I could see excelling for those hand bending and running a lot of conduit. And it takes a speed square. It should excel in residential as well if not overkill (takes the hammer sleeve so is convenient for hand stapling).

My only gripe is the plastic/pvc material chosen for the pencil/nail set slots.

This pouch is definitely underrated and should get more recognition

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Loki Pouch
Loki Pouch
Eagle Pouch
Eagle Pouch
Wrangell 2.0 Pouch
Wrangell 2.0 Pouch
Mazo Pouch
Mazo Pouch
Pouch Type Slim
Height x Width x Depth 12 x 3 x 5 (in.)
Weight (LBs) 1.2
Total Pockets 2
Internal Slots 4
External Slots 3
Tool Loops 1
Hammer Holster Compatible
Flat Bar Holster Compatible
Tape Pocket No
7" Square Slot No
Mini Square Slot Yes
Bit Index Yes
Integrated Magnets 1
Attachment Points 1