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Configuration: Mini Niko (Right), Flux (Left), 701 Vest, Hammer Holster, 715 Chest Pocket

Great For: Electricians, HVAC

What Fits: Needle nose pliers, cutting pliers, meters, small speed square, torpedo level, laser distance measurer, tape measure, and screw drivers, electrical tape.

The ultimate electrician's powerhouse system is here. Packing the mighty punch of the dominant side Mini Niko and its perfect partner - the Flux, The Volt Vest System allows for full-scale, all-day productivity and comfort. Store as many tools as you like, in this minimal profile set-up. Take advantage of the quick release electrical tape loop on the Mini Niko and the big, open pockets of the Flux for quick tool draws and add an optional tape holster if you need it.

The 7-series Chest Pocket shown in the pictures on this system have been upgraded to the equivalent 7-series Utility Pocket. New Diamondback Utility Pockets come with an easy-on-easy-off spring steel DB Clip and are made with an ultra-durable Hypalon base.

Sizing Note: The 701 Vest does not accommodate individuals taller than 6'5"


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Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 3.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 701 Vest compatible with Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes, Diamondback pouches (and most non-Diamondback pouches) are compatible with all 701 Vests
What is primary difference between the vest sizes?
The vest size is determined by the width of the body...not the length.
Is this product OSHA certifed?
No. However we designed the vest to OSHA standards but have not applied for official OSHA certification.
Is the 701 Vest fall harness compatible?
Yes, the 701 Vest fits over the harness and has a slot for the harness ring.
Do you sell extensions for the shoulder straps?
No we do not sell shoulder strap extensions
  • Lightweight breathable vest mesh
  • 10 Adjustment Points for the Perfect Finish
  • Shock Absorbing Back
  • Storage Loop
  • Fall Protection Harness Compatible
  • Optional Lumbar/Shoulder Pads for Added Support

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Worn daily. Great product. Pouches hold all my hand tools and the other holds wire nuts, screws, etc.

Jason Mazza
Worth the money

I have numerous tool belts and they work fine, but I found they would tend to pull my pants down when loaded with tools, and upon kneeling, any suspenders would slip off my shoulders. This system solves all of that. It's comfortable and takes the pressure off my lower back. The snug fit keeps it in place so you don't have to constantly adjust it. The wide variety of accessories allows you to customize the setup that suits your needs the best. I'm quite pleased with it so far.

Brett Pokorski
Best tool vest on the market

Insanely comfortable vest, I came from wearing Occidental leather bags with suspenders and this setup puts them to shame. It disperses the weight of wearing all my tools on me perfectly so it’s not all the weight on my hips and back. My body is not sore anymore after taking my vest off at end of a work day. Can’t beat that. Comfort is huge in my book and this vest definitely meets my standards ! I got the volt vest system so it has the flux bag and mini Niko with 701 vest and I got a few other pouches and sacs

Brett Pokorski
Best best system out there

Absolutely best best system there is.
I came from wearing Occidental leather bags with suspenders and this vest system puts it to shame. Way more comfortable!!

Kevin Cheung


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Volt Vest System
Volt Vest System
Hi Volt Vest System
Hi Volt Vest System
Dos Clavos 701 Vest System
Dos Clavos 701 Vest System
Wright 701 Vest System
Wright 701 Vest System
Pouch Type Open
Weight (LBs) 3.5
Total Pockets 4
Internal Slots 6 + Divider
External Slots 8
Tool Loops 0
Hammer Holster Yes
Flat Bar Holster No
Tape Pocket No
7" Square Slot No
Mini Square Slot No
Bit Index Yes
Integrated Magnets 1
Attachment Points 12