The Gun Loop includes two locations for attaching cordless or pneumatic tools. It can be used to carry a cat’s paw or any other long, thin tool in your arsenal.

Attachment: Anywhere on your belt or pouches with a solid belt clip


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SKU: DB4-12-BK-X-X


Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 1.5

Height (inches): 7

Weight (pounds): 0.15

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gustavo Martinez
gun loop

works good. I use the top loop more than the bottom because bigger things like nail guns unhook when I crouch down.

Jonathan Richey
Gun loop

Gun loop works good for my m18 and m12 impacts! Also works good for trim guns on the top loop, bottom loop can work but can become cumbersome and uncomfortable! Framing nailers, most comfortable on top loop but the loop backing will begin to fold over from the weight! For those type tools the gun loop body needs support of frame support built into it! Clip on for belts is strong and holds, I like this because I can transfer the loop from tool belt to my trim set or just on my jeans!

Melvin Lopez

Gun Loop

Alexander Baez
Gun Loop is great

Sturdy and does what it’s intended for

Jake Moller
Unreal tool bag!

I couldn’t be happier with my Diamondback Denali 2.0! The best thing since sliced bread 👌