The Gun Loop includes two locations for attaching cordless or pneumatic tools. It can be used to carry a cat’s paw or any other long, thin tool in your arsenal.

Attachment: Anywhere on your belt or pouches with a solid belt clip


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  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers


Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 1.5

Height (inches): 7

Weight (pounds): 0.15

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
David Guadian
Loved how better it made me feel

The m12 drill does not move anywhere!


Good usability

Raul Sabino

Always have a place to put my cordless framing nailer no longer on the ground.

Matthew Nava
Long lasting

I’ve been using two of these gun loops on my vest for 2.5 years and they save my pouches from wear and tear. The one I use the most had finally frayed at the top but I simply cut away the loose fabric and still run it just the same. I expect at least another 2.5 years if not more now that it’s shaved down a bit. Diamondbacks warranty is immaculate and I could have bothered them to replace it, but I would rather drive it until the wheels fall off and allow the diamondback staff to stay busy developing new great products. When the webbing at the tops fails completely, I’ll still be able to use the lower loop virtually forever.

Matthew Nava
Unsuspecting hero

Extend the life of your bags with an auxiliary attachment point. The length of material “hanging” allows for a subtle swing in your nail gun that makes the added weight feel more natural as you work.