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Ashland, Virginia • united states


What do you find most enjoyable about working in the trades? 

I've enjoyed working with my hands since I was very young, started swinging a hammer when I was 4 with my grandpa. What I like most about working in the trades is. everyday is a new different learning experience. I stay physically active and mentally sharp and constantly keep evolving into the next chapter of my career. 

What do think is the biggest misconception about working in the trades? 

The biggest misconception about working in the trades that ive noticed since I started 20 years ago is, everyone judge me for not going to college. For some reason people think that blue collar work is what you do when you can’t make it to college or a white collar profession. I think people are starting to realize that choosing a path in the trades is a fantastic career and the demand for them keep going up and up everyday. This was my choice to become an electrician and its at the top of the best decisions ive made in my life. I love everyday of it, and that’s super important in my opinion. 

What attracted you to Diamondback? 

My attraction to diamondback was how well made and comfortable the utility belts/vest were. Every product seems to be well thought out and the opinions of people using the product are always considered. Also diamondback being a local business to me is super cool as well. 

What is your favorite DB product and why? 

Favorite product so far for me is the 701 vest, it has saved my lower back.

Favorite comfort food? 

Favorite comfort food is pizza. Nothing better nothing easier