Just like our classic DB Sax, but 25% smaller. The smallest edition of the DB Sax family just received an upgrade. Mini Sax now feature our proprietary Diamondback 2” clip!

The Mini Sax is great for small shims and tiny fasteners. It is even perfectly sized for a glue bottle, soda bottle or can. Now, the Mini Sax can easily be clipped to your Diamondback belt, the webbing attachments on Diamondback pouches and bags, or our GoPanels and Spines.

The Mini Sax can be attached to any belt, vest, or bag with the 2" clip or with the d-ring and carabiner. Unhook the bag and hang it on a wall until you need it again.

  • Ripstop drawstring skirt
  • D-Ring connect point
  • 2" Clip


  • 30 day risk free returns
  • Free return/exchange shipping in US
  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers


Width (inches): 4 (diameter)

Depth (inches): 4 (diameter)

Height (inches): 5

Weight (pounds): 0.2

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shannon Stuart
Love it

quality made great ideas I where the mini sax every day

Mike Mihm

Great. Exactly what I was looking for. Great quality as well.

Russell Ramil
Mini Sax/Pouch

Great value and perfect size for an additional sack/pouch. The only flaw is that the clip that holds it in place doesn’t hold tightly, which can easily remove unnoticed.

Michael Glass Jr
Great organizer

can put just about anything in these bad boys , love the clip on and off option

Liam Mcwhinney

Awesome product