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Sennen, cornwall • United Kingdom



What do you find most enjoyable about working in the trades? 

I love to see the drawings come to life. I love to see the drawings come to life. From recieving an engineer’s package to supplying and installing a steel structure that all the other trades then work on is great.

What do think is the biggest misconception about working in the trades? 

Too many people see the trades as a lower grade of job. Yes there are some labourers that give the trades a bad name, but some of the smartest and hardest working people who make some of the best money going all work in the trades and have awesome work ethic and skill sets.

What attracted you to Diamondback? 

I was attracted to Diamondback by their relentless approach to offering quality products and innovations to the trades. The products they make are designed with the end user in mind and they have such an open relationship with customers. I reached out to them with a job requirement for carrying my steel fabrication tools and they worked with me on multiple iterations to come up with an awesome product fit for the modern steel fabricator. What more could you ask for from a company. Quality first customers first.

What is your favorite DB product and why? 

I think my favourite product is the 701 vest as you can make it into anything you want it to be. Light weight setup for site surveys. You betcha it can. Heavy weight setup with all your gear on when you need it all close to hand, hell yeah that 701 has you covered. 

Favorite comfort food? 

Most of the time as I like to stay healthy its a bowl of greek yogurt with some strawberry protein mixed in for a post MTB ride refill and it tastes awesome. If I am chilling out on the sofa with the wife then I love a Gin and Tonic over ice.