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w/ Knee Pad


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Width (inches): See sizing chart

Depth (inches): See sizing chart

Height (inches): 1.5

Weight (pounds): .See sizing chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Walter Y
Great pants, knee pads not so much

I loved the idea of knee pads inside the sleeve on the pant knees. Knee pads always give me issues....sliding down, cutting into the back of my legs etc.. so I thought I would give this a try. The pants, hands down, are the most comfortable work pants I have ever worn. They are flexible, do not bunch up on me. I love them. I will be ordering more.
The knee pads on the other hand, just swim around in the sleeve that holds them. They cause the pant legs to twist around, they usually are not in the correct position when I get down on a knee, as they are twisted around to the side. I ended up just pulling them out, and had a much better experience.
I bought another set of knee pads, and just strapped them on over the new pants. I am bummed they didn't work out the way I had hoped. I do mostly remodeling work, and new construction framing, so I am moving around a lot, down on my knees a lot.
I am giving it a 4 star only because of the knee pads. Pants get 5 stars!

Theodore Fetter
OK but knee pads not working out well

The pants are good and comparable to the best pants offered by several other workwear companies. However, the knee pads situation leaves something to be desired. The kneepads are positioned too low for me (I ordered my usual size: 34W, 32L) and slide around a lot. Though it's good to have a lot of movement in workwear pants, these pants move around too much in the knee and the knee pad is bulky and rigid enough that it doesn't conform to the knee but swings around and you have to manually move the knee pads/pants to cover your knees when you drop into a kneeling position. The other workwear companies' pants (with kneepads) that I have do not have this issue. As such, these Diamondback pants are now just a backup pair for me.