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Width (inches): 5

Depth (inches): 1.5

Height (inches): 7

Weight (pounds): 0.25

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Bought this for my vest or belt system and it’s great.Good quality and great for my phone or calculator.

I love this pouch!!!!

So I bought this thing along with a bunch of other pouches and used it IMMEDIATELY to test this bad boy out. I wish I would’ve bought a second 1 while it was on sale, something told me to and I didn’t 🤦‍♂️ …. What’s so good about this pouch is its rigidity, size and ample carrying options. This thing STAYS open and holds its shape so when u open the flap the phone goes right in its ample space(I have an I phone 13 with an otter box). Not like other phone pouches that constrict and u can’t get the phone even enough to slide it in. U can respond to a text real quick without putting down your tool and put your phone back in with no issues. The material is smooth and doesn’t ghost dial nor rearrange your settings while inside and you’re moving around. What’s also good is that it has a clip and a loop to put on your tool belt. Great phone pouch, a lot of though and design went into it.

Greg Hartman

Phone Pouch 2.0-DISCONTINUED

Roberto Aguiar
Excellent quality

Was just a touch small for my phone height wise, but that's my bad for not checking properly. Works for my construction master pro though so all good. Seems well thought out and tough build. Highly recommended.